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Event Policies & General Information


We would first like to start this document with a statement of why it exists. The policies below were created because we have had issues with previous clients doing things that caused a rule to be written. While some policies may seem harsh, or ridiculous, they had to be written because someone did not use common sense. Keep in mind we want you to have fun, that is our main goal. We also want you to be safe, and we want the next client to have the same amazing experience that you will have. Please also keep in mind that this is a small family business and this is how we feed out kids and keep a roof over our heads. We are trusting you with a lot and we ask that you would treat our venue with the same respect that you would treat a friend’s house if you were staying there.


The bride & groom, or renter 1 & renter 2 (also referred to as renters, client, or clients) are to read and abide by Bellissima Ranch and Resort (hence forth Bellissima or Bellissima Ranch) event policies & general information & inform the guests & vendors of the policies, per signed agreement. This is a living document and these policies are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the renters to keep up with the most current rendition of this document which is found online on the Bellissima website and should require that all of their guests, vendors, or anyone else they invite to Bellissima to read this document before coming to Bellissima.


STATE LAW, it is illegal to bring alcoholic beverages on to the property. All alcohol must be purchased through Bellissima Ranch. You may cannot bring it with you and store it in the guest house, in a car in the parking lot, or anywhere else on the property.  


Bellissima Ranch is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or deaths. This goes for the renters, their guests, vendors, etc…

1. Scheduling & Fees

  • Wedding Coordinators and or renters are allowed to come in 1 time by appointment for 1 hour to take measurements and notes for décor. (Times subject to availability)

  • The premises must be vacated by the agreed upon time.

  • On the day of signing 25% of the total costs plus the full amount of the security deposit are due. 3 months after the signing date the payment 2 (25%) is due. 6 months after the signing date Payment 3 (25%) is due. 9 months after the signing date the final payment (25%) is due. For example, if signing is on June 24th the first payment is due before the end of the business day (5PM) on September 24th. All checks should be made payable to Bellissima Ranch and Resort. Accounts with insufficient funds will be charged $50.00. Putting a check in the mail on the due date will not be sufficient. If a check is being mailed it must be mailed in advance with enough time to reach the payee before the due date. Late bookings are subject to payments via the next set of terms.

  • If payment is not made in full by the agreed upon date a $100 per day late fee will be ensued. After the end of the 5th day Bellissima reserves the right to rebook the date and no refund will be given. If your account become more that 10 days delinquent, Bellissima Ranch reserves the right to charge the credit card on file for the due invoice and will seek litigation if required. Your event will be canceled without the possibility of a refund or rebooking.

  • If Bellissima Ranch is required to seek litigation against the renters, Bellissima Ranch will seek the delinquent amount plus $500 or 50%, whichever is greater, for our legal fees, expenses and time.

  • Late booking payment terms. If it is not possible to do standard payment schedule and have your event paid off 30 days before the event. Bellissima Ranch has other payment schedules that may require a larger down payment, and or larger quarterly payment. such as 33%, 50%, etc… The appropriate payment schedule is at the discretion of Bellissima Ranch personnel. Invoices are created shortly after the contract has been signed and can be viewed through the client portal. If you feel that the invoices do not match what was agreed upon you must let us know in writing within 48 hours of the receiving your welcome letter and we will discuss adjustments.

  • Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card. Credit cards are subject to a convenience fee.

  • After you receive your welcome letter, you will have access to your client portal. Please check you invoices to ensure they are as you expect them to be. If there is something on the invoices that you do not agree with, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your welcome letter to discuss adjustments. If we do not hear from you we will assume that you agree with the invoice amounts.

  • We do not have normal business hours. You will not be able to stop by the ranch to make or drop off a payment. We will not schedule an appointment meet with you to accept payments. All payments must be mailed to us or processed through our online invoice system.

  • Customers are encouraged to mail payments several days in advance of the due date to make sure they reach us on time. Customers will be charged for late fees based on the day the payment makes it to us regardless of the postmark date. (IE payments mailed on the due date will be late and late fees will be charged)

  • Persons named on the contract will be the only persons allowed to make changes to the event. IE adding or removing options, time, etc.... Parents, siblings, bridesmaids, coordinators, etc… will not be allowed to make changes without express written consent from the persons named on the contract. There is no exception to this rule regardless of who is paying for the event. 

  • At the time of booking a credit card must be put on file. This card is listed on the contract. If the card expires or becomes invalid before your event, we will ask that the information be updated before allowing access to the ranch. For each card put on file $500 will be charged to ensure the card is valid on the day a card is submitted and we will charge $500 the week of the event to make sure the card information has not changed. We will immediately refund the $500 once charged. Bellissima reserves the right to charge this card if damages or offenses occur beyond the $500 security deposit or if payments are not made in the time frame provided.

  • Bellissima Ranch reserves the right to place a renter on an Early Booking Schedule for any reason, but this is typically done if the renter’s event is farther out than 18 months or not in the following calendar year. For the early booking schedule only, a security deposit is required and the renter must make the rest of their down payment not more than 30 days before the due date on the first invoice. Payments made before this date may be held or the renter may be asked to send the payment at the appropriate time.

2. Flowers & Décor 

  • Duct tape or strong adhesives tapes such as Gorilla Tape, etc… may not be used at Bellissima. It leaves permanent marks on the walls and tables and will remove the finish from the floor. You are responsible for repairing damages to these surfaces if a strong adhesive is used.

  • Do not under any circumstances tape runners to the floor of the ceremony barn. Tape will remove the finish from the floor. You may tape the runner at each end, if it hangs over the edge of the concrete but it may not be taped anywhere on the flat walking surface. You will be charged for damages to the floor as well

  • All tables must have cloth table coverings (linens) that extend no more than 6 inches from the floor. Table coverings may be rented through Bellissima Ranch vendor services or the client may purchase their own from an outside source but in any regard no uncovered tables will be permitted. 

  • Florists/vendors have access to the venue for the time frame stated in the event contract. The time frames are strictly followed. If you do not know your event time frame, please contact our office.

  • Floral arrangements, decorations, ribbons, cakes, food, ropes, etc… cannot block access to or from doors at ANY time. 

  • Floral arrangements & candles may be placed in the window sills, if a protective base is used. All candles must have a protective base. Bellissima reserves the right to limit excess candle use at staff discretion.

  • Bellissima does not provide any decorations, candles, candle holders, stands/columns for floral arrangements, or storage for décor.

  • No décor may be affixed to any venue’s furniture, floor or walls by nails, screws, tape, putty, tacks, hot glue, pins, glue, 3M products, etc...  You will be charged a minimum of $20 for every hole you put in a wall or damages made to the walls.

  • No rice or confetti can be thrown within or around the venue, but birdseed or biodegradable flower petals may be thrown outside.

  • As our buildings are open to the outdoors and we do have wind on most days, we do not allow the use of fake or non-biodegradable flower petals to be thrown on the property. There will be an additional $50 cleaning fee added if fake petals are used.

  • Renter or florist is responsible for picking up ALL venue décor, including ALL petals thrown inside & outside; no clean up materials are provided. All décor must be removed by the end of the time frame. Bellissima is not responsible for any belongings left behind.

  • As the renter, you are responsible to working with your vendors to have their items removed within the time frame of your rental. Bellissima Ranch does have some special arrangements worked out with some vendors to pick up their items outside of this window. If you have a vendor that wants to pick up their items at a later time, they must contact Bellissima Ranch in advance to make arrangements. We will do our best to accommodate but make no guarantees for these arrangements.

  • Before the premises is vacated Bellissima requires that all trash be put into the large dumpster, If chairs are removed from the chapel 140 chairs must be put back into the chapel and set up in the way in which they were removed. Tables and chairs in the reception hall should be placed into the racks and ready for the cleaning crew to prepare for the next guest. All guests are also responsible for removing their own decorations and trash associated with their decorations, which include but are not limited to streamers, flowers, flower boxes, draperies, centerpieces, thrown flower petals, etc... Guests must also remove all trash associated with their clothing which include but are not limited to dress bags and shoe boxes. You may not leave these items at the facility. Not following this policy will result in an additional $750 cleaning fee. If you have an item which you would like to donate to Bellissima following your event, arrangements must be made in writing prior to the start of your event.

  • Bellissima Ranch does most of the cleaning for you. That being said the renter must leave the venue in a reasonably manner. We will sweep, mop, clean the toilets, change the linens, etc. as part of our standard services. You would not trash your house, please do not trash ours. Unreasonable cleaning services include but is not limited to, stains, excessive food or drink not placed in the trash. Excessive flower and/or flower petals not placed in trash (inside or outside), garbage left all over the house or inside or outside of other buildings, etc… Excessive cleaning will be changed to the renter.

  • All personal property and persons related to your event must be vacated from the premises by the scheduled end time for your event. Leaving late will result in a $250/ hour fine. Interference with another event will result in loss of security deposit, a $1000 fine, and the authorities will be called to have you vacated.

  • Items rented from Bellissima such as centerpieces, tablecloths, linens, bed sheets, table runners, or other décor must be returned in usable working order. Missing, broken, or damaged items will be billed for repairs plus parts needed to repair these items, or replacement.  This can include, tears, burns, scuffs, stains that cannot be removed, etc…

  • Centerpieces may not be altered in any way. Centerpieces that are returned altered, damaged, or with pieces missing, such as vases, flowers, tea light candles, etc…  will be billed for repair time and missing pieces.

  • Linen rental does not include delivery to the ranch or pick up from the ranch. Delivery may be purchased for an additional fee.

  • Bellissima Ranch packages that include bouquets and/or boutonnieres are include what we consider to be “standard style”, waterfall bouquets, very large bouquets, boutonnieres that have a large number or parts or parts that are not typical, or more extravagant styles may be an additional cost. What is considered to be standard style is up to the discretion of Bellissima Ranch personnel. If you are unsure if what you want is a standard style, please consult with Bellissima Ranch before purchasing one of these packages.

3. Venue Capacity  

  • The venue’s maximum capacity is 250 people as established by the Fire Marshal. We recommend no more than 150-200 persons for matters of comfort; otherwise, guests may find themselves shoulder to shoulder. No more than 250 persons are admitted in the buildings at one time. 

  • Bellissima will require that an accurate guest count be given before the start of your event. That guest count can vary depending on our package but will typically be 100 or 150 guests. If you exceed that number the renters will be required to purchase an additional bartender, if the bar is being used, along with a high population upcharge. Bellissima Staff will count the number of guests and inaccurate counts will result in fees being taken from the renter’s security deposit.

4. Food/Drink/Alcohol

  • Bellissima is licensed by the ABLE commission of the state of Oklahoma. We must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the ABLE commission. There is absolutely no outside alcohol is allowed on the property. Any and all alcoholic beverages must be purchased from Bellissima. Alcohol brought on to the property by either the renter or their guests, will result in loss of security deposit and the cost of fines issued by to Bellissima as a result of the renter or their guest bringing alcohol on to the property. Your event is also subject to immediate cancelation.

  • In the event that outside alcohol, illicit or illegal drugs are brought onto the property. The renter waives any and all rights to any insurance provided or purchased through Bellissima Ranch or its contractors or vendors.

  • Persons may drink beverages purchased from the bar in the Licensed Bar area denoted on the last page. All locations in which alcohol may be consumed are clearly marked. It is the responsibility of the renters to make sure none of their guests remove beverages purchased from the bar from the licensed area. All beverages purchased at Bellissima must be disposed of by the end of the event and may not leave the property.

  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served to, or consumed by minors.

  • If you have requested a bartender as part of your package, please refer to the minimum purchase as described in your Initial Purchase Order. If the minimum purchase amount is not met, the renter will be charged for the difference.

  • Bellissima Ranch staff cannot look to see if you have met your bar minimum during your event. This is to prevent binge drinking at the end of an event.

  • Binge drinking, to meet your bar minimum, or to finish off drink tickets, at the end of your event is not allowed. Binge drinking at the end of an event is a violation of Oklahoma state law as this may lead to alcohol related accidents. (Keep in mind that many of your guests are about to get in a car and drive home and we need to make sure that they are safe and sober. We have no way of knowing who will or will not be staying in the guest house at the end of an event or who may be that person that was supposed to stay and gets mad and leaves.)

  • Bellissima Ranch cannot provide a cash register report to show your bar total. Register reports show confidential information of sales to the guests of the Renters.

  • Bar tenders have the right to ask for proper identification and may refuse service to anyone.

  • Bellissima has no restrictions on food or food vendors.

  • If an open bar is purchased, persons receiving beverages may only receive two beverages at a time. Beverages received must be consumed by the person that received it or a person of legal drinking age. If two beverages are taken the second beverage must be given to another person. A person must discard the first beverage before receiving another one. Intoxicated persons will not be served. The bartender has the right to refuse service to any person for any reason. Drink contained in the guest house mini-bar are not included in the open bar. These drinks must be paid for via the lock box above to the refrigerator. Unpaid for beverages will be deducted from the renter’s security deposit. Minors may not purchase or consume alcohol.

  • A security guard may be required for any bar service at the discretion of Bellissima Ranch personnel.

  • Shots are not included on any type of open bar, except for tab style, however, shots may still be purchased.

  • Drink Tickets for the bar may be purchased through Bellissima Ranch. Tickets may be exchanged for beverages in the following manner. 1 Ticket = Beer, Wine, Soda. 2 Tickets = Cocktail.

  • Going behind the bar is strictly prohibited and will result in loss of security deposit.

  • All alcoholic beverages within the licensed area must be served by a bar tender. No one may serve their own alcoholic beverages.

  • No one may partake of alcoholic beverages from behind the bar before the bar has opened or after the bar has closed. This includes open bar items.

  • Bar service is typically 3-5 hours but bar insurance ends at 11pm. Usually the bar opens 30 min after the wedding start time. So if your wedding starts at 5:30, your bar would start at 6pm. This would be the latest start time to get all 5 hours and not have to pay any additional fees. If you choose to have a wedding that starts later than 5:30pm, you will have 2 options. Either choose to allow the bar to close at 11pm regardless of how much time may remain, or pay an additional $200 in insurance to continue the bar after 11pm and finish out your time.

  • Bellissima Ranch reserves the right to close the bar at any time even if the bar time has not expired. Some reasons for closing the bar may include but are not limited to, guests or clients getting out of hand due to intoxication, outside alcohol on property, lack of activity at the bar.

  • If an open bar is purchased we may require that an open bar sub-agreement be signed, to make sure that you fully understand what you have purchased. 

  • Tab Style Open Bar (Full Open Bar or Beer and Wine Open Bar):

    • If this option is purchased. The renter will be required to pay an upfront fee based on the number of guests that renter is expecting. Part of this fee will go towards paying for security. The remainder will go toward the bar tab for that event.

    • A few days after the event, we will go over the register and if the total amount taken from the bar is greater than the amount given upfront, we will first deduct the overage from the security deposit and then from the credit card on file if the amount is greater than the sum of the security deposit. If you would like to make other arrangements on payments, they must be made before the day of the event.

    • Bellissima reserves the right to request additional money be added to the upfront fee at any time during the event if we feel that more drinks are being consumed than what we can easily collect on after an event. If the client does not wish to spend the extra money, the bar will revert to a cash bar for the rest of the event.

5. General Policies

  • Smoking or use of tobacco products is prohibited on the property (this includes e-cigarettes) with the exception of the designated smoking area between the storage barn and the parking lot. Cigarettes and Cigars must be disposed of properly in designated bins and not put on the ground. Smoking devices such as pipes, e-cigarettes, bongs, etc... should not enter any building. You need to leave these outside or in your car. Smoking in or around buildings or property damage due to smoking will cause a $500 damage fee to be added and loss of the security deposit. If any building or any room smells like smoke, marijuana, vape oil, etc... this can also cause you to lose your deposit.

  • Due to the fact that alcohol is served on our property, we are required to have a firearm policy. Therefore, Firearms of any kind are strictly prohibited.

  • Illicit or illegal drugs are not permitted.

  • Minors may not consume in alcoholic beverages or participate in illegal activities such as smoking. 

  • Fireworks of any kind are not allowed on the property with the exception of sparklers that may only be used during the getaway. If sparklers are used they must be disposed of in the provided fire bucket (insure there is water in the bucket before use). Sparkler’s use is not allowed during a burn ban or red flag warning. Be aware that as the renter you are using sparkers at your own risk. Bellissima is not responsible for injuries and you will be held responsible for any damages as a result of sparkler use.

  • It is the responsibility of the renters to ensure lights, air conditioners, and heaters are turned off after their event.

  • Space heaters and jet heaters are strictly prohibited.  

  • Guests are welcome around the pond but may not swim in it.

  • Bellissima is not responsible for death, injury, or damage to personal property, persons, or animals while on the premises or for anything resulting while traveling to or from Bellissima. This includes but is not limited to, falls, burns, alcohol use, weather, viruses, acts of God, etc… This policy includes but is not limited to your guests, vendors, event staff, etc...

  • Off road vehicles (ORV) are not permitted on the property. Use of ORV may result in a fine for property damages.

  • Bellissima Ranch does allow for all clients to use outside vendors with the exception of the DJ, bartending, or security services (if required). If a client wants a DJ, they must be booked through Bellissima Ranch. You may use outside security if you choose to have security and it is not a requirement of your open bar. If security is a requirement of your open bar, then is must be purchased through Bellissima Ranch. Bellissima Ranch also reserves the right to exclude outside vendors at their discretion.

  • Bonfires or fires of any type are strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Bellissima Ranch. If any type of fire is permitted a burn ban or red flag warning overrides that permission. It is up to the renter to determine if a burn ban or red flag warning is in place. Damage by an intentionally set fire, authorized or not authorized, to the ranch or surrounding properties will be charged to the renter. 

  • Damages to equipment supplied by contractors will be charged to the renter. IE lighting, sound systems, etc…

  • Clothing must be worn when not in a private area, such as a bedroom or bathroom. Skinny dipping, or nudity of any kind within view of the public will not be tolerated.

  • The Renter agree to take full responsibility, be it financial or otherwise, for damages, injuries, or liabilities that may happen to or may be caused by any person, vendor, device, or otherwise, that may occur during the time in which they have rented the facility. 

  • Bellissima offers a number of vendor options that can be booked directly through us for your convenience. Keep in mind that we use outside vendors for many of these services and when booking you will be informed about the vendor we are using. That said, when services are booked through us using an outside vendor, we are not selling you any tangible items. We are simply acting as a booking agent for you. Applicable state and federal taxes for those items are paid by the individual vendors selling those items.

  • Our insurance does not cover injuries related to marijuana use. Use it at your own risk. 

6. Guest House

  • All items must be removed immediately following the event. The rooms must look exactly as it did when the guests arrived, no items left behind, trash in receptacles, desks in place as they originally were, etc... Bellissima is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Please place all used dishes in the dish washer before leaving. Bellissima staff will clean, unload and place dishes in the cabinets.

  • Any items belonging to Bellissima that are missing after a ceremony such as video games, movies, controllers, dishes, décor, towels, washcloths,  etc.… will be charged to the renter.

  • Bellissima does not allow outside alcohol on the premises. You may bring non-alcoholic beverages. There is a refrigerator with drinks available. The cost of these drinks is clearly marked on the refrigerator. Drinks are counted before and after each event. Guests may pay for drinks via the lock box. Any unpaid for beverages will be deducted from the security deposit. If additional beverages are needed, please contact Bellissima staff.

  • Guests may use the refrigerator for food as needed for breakfast, etc… Bellissima does not provide any food.

  • No animals, other than certified service animals, are allowed in the guest house. Service animals must be cleared by our staff before they are admitted and they must have proper documentation. A $250 fine will be assessed for additional cleaning.

  • Guests are welcome to use the pool and hot tub. It is the policy of Bellissima that there be no glassware in or around the pool area. Plastic wear, aluminum, etc.… is permitted in these areas.

  • It is recommended that guests that have consumed alcoholic beverages not use the pool or hot tub for safety purposes.

  • Guests under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult while using the pool or hot tub.

  • The water in the pool and hot tub are tested on a regular basis for your safety. While we do our best to have the pool and hot tub available for use, we cannot guarantee that they will be open. If there is a need to close the pool or hot tub for any reason they will be clearly marked.

  • The pool vacuum is on a timer and can turn on without warning. The pool vacuum may be removed from the pool while the pool is in use. If the vacuum is removed from the pool, the power must be turned off. If the timer activates the vacuum and it is not in the pool, it will cause damage to the vacuum. The renters will be held liable for damages to the vacuum if it is not shut down or if it is found to have been damaged by negligence or abuse. To turn the vacuum back on place it in the pool and push the power button and the number 1 for a nice clean pool tomorrow.

  • The pool is heated but may not get to a comfortable temp in very cold winter months. Both the pool and the hot tub are saltwater. This is much better for your skin. It is important to bathe before entering the pool or hot tub as anything on your skin disturb the chemistry & cause the water become murky or stink the next day.

  • Hot tub and pool covers must be placed back on immediately after use to prevent evaporation and excessive heat loss. Failure to do so may cause damage to the heating systems or water pumps. (If the cover was off the pool when you got here you do not need to put it back on, in very hot months to pool can get too hot with the cover on)

  • All Renters are issued a code that will open the house and the front gate. This code will only work during the time frame in which your party is assigned. This code should not be given to anyone including other guests, vendors, etc.…

  • There is a charcoal grille available for guest use. Bellissima does not supply charcoal for this grille. This grille may not be used under any structure with a roof. After using the grille, it must be cleaned out. Damages to the ground or any part of the facility from use of the grille will be charged to the customer. This includes but is not limited to damaged or stained concrete, grass fire, smoke damage to buildings, etc… The customer uses the grille at their own risk. Bellissima Ranch is not responsible for death or injury caused by the grille. The grill may not be used under a red flag warning or burn ban.

  • There is a washing machine, dryer, and steamer available for use in the guest house. Bellissima Ranch is not responsible for injuries or damages to any item related to the use of the steamer, washing machine or dryer, including but not limited to linens rented from Bellissima or other companies, wedding dresses, tuxedos, personal items, tables and chairs, etc… Items belonging to or rented from Bellissima that become damaged due to use of one or more of these items will be billed back to the renters.

7. Limo/Getaway Car/Other Vehicles

  • Bellissima does not allow renter or their guests to decorate or alter the getaway car in any way without the express written consent of Bellissima. Decorations may include but are not limited to, shoe polish, glass chalk, cans tied to the vehicle, flags, stickers, banners, etc… Any unapproved decorations will result in a $100 cleaning fee plus additional charges for any damage to the vehicle.

  • The renter also agrees to repair any damages or injuries that may result from inappropriate use of or carelessness in or around the vehicle caused by either the purchaser or their guests. This may include but is not limited dents, broken lights, broken glass, ripped or stained upholstery, flat tires, etc... Any major damage found to be caused by the renter or a guest of the renter which disallows the vehicle to be used at a future engagement will result in the renter losing their security deposit and the renter will owe for the repairs and the lost profit from the vehicle not being used at other engagements.

  • Bellissima drivers will make every effort to maintain a safe environment while in the vehicle. That being said, accidents do happen. In the event of an accident or break down, Bellissima will ensure other means of transportation are provided at no additional cost to the renter. Bellissima is not responsible for accidental, injury or death. 

  • Bellissima reserves the right to cancel the use of the getaway car in the event of hazardous weather. If use of the car is canceled money paid for the car will be refunded.  

  • No vehicles may enter the buildings.

  • An electric golf cart is provided for transportation of elderly or handicapped guests to the outdoor venue or to other areas of the property as needed. If needed a Bellissima Ranch staff member will get the cart out of the storage area about 1 hour before the event starts.

  • No more than 6 passengers may be on the golf cart at a time.

  • No one under the age of 18 may drive the golf cart.

  • If you would prefer a Bellissima Ranch staff member, such as the liaison or coordinator may drive the cart for you but this may take them away from performing other duties that you will want to have done. It is recommended that you have an usher that can drive the cart.

  • The renter is responsible for the wellbeing of the cart. If it is damaged it the renter will be charged.

  • Bellissima Ranch, its employees, affiliates, contractors working for Bellissima Ranch, and/or any other person or company affiliated with Bellissima cannot be held responsible for any injury, accident, or death as a result of the golf cart or use thereof.

  • Bellissima Ranch personnel are not responsible for helping persons get into or off of the golf cart. 

  • Passengers must remain seated at all times while the cart is in motion.

  • Due to abuse of the golf cart. Under no circumstances will the golf cart be available for use without a Bellissima staff member on site. Sorry but other people have ruined it for everyone. 

8. Parking 

  • Parking is clearly marked and is only allowed in the designated parking areas. Parking in undesignated areas may result in towing of the vehicle. Towing fees will be charged to the renter.  

  • Parking is not allowed outside the gate or on the side of the road. All cars must be parked inside the fenced area. For larger parties it is recommended that you acquire a parking attendant to assist with this matter. Bellissima Does not provide parking attendants.

  • The front and rear automatic gates can open and close without warning. The gates are timed for 1 vehicle pass through only. Cars should not stop in the path of the gates. No playing or climbing on or around the gates. Bellissima Ranch is not liable for injury, damages, or losses causes by the gates.

  • If special permission is given, we may allow vehicles in other areas besides the parking lot. Special permission must be requested and given via email. If special permission is granted, the renter should not drive on the areas marked on the map below. Damage to the underground structures will be charged to the renter if vehicles or equipment are moved over these areas.

  • If special permission is given the customer should not drive on the grass or any other area if there has been excessive rain or if the ground is wet or soft.

  • The owner reserves the right to revoke special permissions at any time, for any reason.

  • Damages to the grass or any other structure or item caused by a vehicle will be billed to the renter.

  • Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) may be parked on the far east side of the parking lot. There are no connections for electric, water, or sewer available. Any RV that is found to be plugged into any water or electric source will cause the renters to be charged a charged a $500 usage fee. Any sewage dumping in field, in the ranch septic system, the pond, or anywhere else on the property will result in immediate cancelation of the event as this causes a health hazard. You will also be charged a minimum $3000 fine for cleanup, septic pumping and/or repair.

9. Audio and Video

  • Bellissima does provide indoor and outdoor sound equipment via a portable sound system.

  • The DJ booth is off limits to all guests and guests may not touch or use the equipment in the DJ booth.

  • Bellissima allows for the use of sound equipment free of charge and provides a number of standard adaptors to plug in the most common devices. However, Bellissima is not responsible for ensuring that your device is compatible to the system. Please check on this on your rehearsal day.

  • Entertainers must bring their own sound equipment they may not plug into the Bellissima sound system.

  • All DJ’s and sound systems set up outside must be reduced in volume at 9:30PM so as not to disturb the surrounding neighbors.

  • There is a projector and screen available to use. Bellissima offers a variety of hook ups for standard video players and computers however Bellissima is not responsible for ensuring that your particular device will work with our system. Please bring your device and insure proper operation on your rehearsal day.

10. Photography 

  • All booked weddings will have a 2-hour bridal or engagement session as part of their package. This is for use of the ranch only. You must supply your own photographer. This time must be used before the wedding takes place. This photo session cannot be used to extend the time purchased (IE it cannot be used for a late check-in or check-out). One session only. You cannot split the time over two or more sessions. All photography sessions must be scheduled in advance and timeframes are subject to availability. After scheduling, you will be given a temporary gate code, good only during the time frame allotted. Please be aware that this session will not be staffed by Bellissima Ranch personnel so you will not have access to any of the buildings. As part of this courtesy service, Bellissima Ranch will require that at least 5 of these photos or access to an online gallery be sent to our primary email address for use on social media. If you use a professional photographer, we will also require the name of the photographer or photography company so that we may give them appropriate credit for their images.

  • Photographers have access to the inside/outside of venue, holding rooms, & venue grounds for the time frame stated in the event contract. The time frames are strictly followed.

  • Any equipment must be removed by the end of the time block. Bellissima is not responsible for any equipment left behind.

11. Rescheduling, Refunds, Cancelations & Late Bookings

We would like to preface this section by stating the following. You signed a contract, that says that you agreed to read these policies. If you did not read this before signing your agreement, you have no one to blame but yourself and have no reason to get mad at us. Also keep in mind that when you book a date, you have eliminated the ability for us to sell that date to another person. Think of us selling a date like an auto dealership sells a car, we can’t sell it twice. The closer we get to a date the lower the likelihood that we will be able to resell it to a new client. While these policies may seem harsh, you must keep in mind that we are a small family-owned business and we have to feed our kids and keep a roof over our heads. With every cancelation, we lose money. How would you feel if your boss told you that he wasn’t going to pay you as much this week, and gave you no notice? Even if an event is fully paid off, we lose out on bar sales. Many people that want to cancel get upset with us because they feel like they got nothing for the money they will lose but again think of it like buying a car. If you take it off the lot, you lost money. If you try to return it even a month later, it will be worth a lot less than it was when you bought it. We also have our time to consider, we put a lot of time into your wedding behind the scenes with booking vendors and correcting situations that you may not even know existed. We also have vendor fees to pay. So just because you didn’t see what we did for you does not mean you didn’t get anything. You got a lot of our time. We have done a lot for you and we paid our staff and vendor to do a lot for you and that deserves compensation. Please keep these ideals in mind when reading these policies and again remember you agreed that you would read this when you signed the contract.

  • Bellissima Ranch does not offer wedding or event insurance but it is highly recommended that you purchase this as, unforeseen circumstances can happen and roughly 10-15% of all weddings get rescheduled or get canceled. Wedding insurance is fairly inexpensive when you consider the cost that you may have to pay for a cancelation. We do not endorse any specific company but we are happy to recommend a company if you need help finding one. 

  • In the event that unforeseen circumstances happen and Bellissima is forced to reschedule or cancel your event a refund will only be issued to the person who made the reservation & paid the original fee. Bellissima is not responsible for any other reparations due to a cancelation. This may include but is not limited to cost of vendors, invitation, flowers, travel, hotels, catering, DJ, decorations, lighting, preprinted material, etc…  The choice to reschedule or cancel the event is at the sole discretion of Bellissima Ranch. Refunds will not be issued for rescheduled events.

  • Once a package or date is booked, it may not be downgraded in any way, including but not limited to removal or services or number of days purchased. You may upgrade a package to a higher level but in the event of a price change you will be subject to the current price, at the time of the upgrade, not the original booking date.

  • Events may not be rescheduled without express written consent of Bellissima Ranch. Bellissima Ranch typically does not allow events to be rescheduled. Rescheduling is looked at on a case-by-case basis and is up to the sole discretion of Bellissima Ranch personnel. (Changing dates is exceptionally rare. Expect us to say no)

  • In the event that Bellissima Ranch does allow a date change, the new date must be within one year of the original booked date and is subject to availability. The new date must also be approved by Bellissima Ranch personnel. The renter must also continue to make their regular payments and Bellissima Ranch may require additional documentation in order to allow for a change. If Bellissima Ranch allows an event to be rescheduled, we reserve the right to limit the dates available to the client. Even if certain dates are available, we may not make them available for you to use.

  • Rescheduling due to covid or other pandemic: Unlike other industries, the government has not made any reparations or put any programs in place to help businesses in the events industry. No industry took a bigger loss than event providers. While our policy may seem strict, it is necessary to continue to navigate this pandemic and those that may arise in the future. No cost pandemic reschedules will only be considered if the bride and/or groom are the person(s) affected. No cost reschedules will not be considered for parents, grandparents, siblings, children, friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc… If you feel that you will need to move an event due to the pandemic. Bellissima will require that documentation be provided and we will confer with the current guidelines as recommended by state and federal officials before making a decision. If we choose to move your event due to the pandemic, you will be assigned a new event date. If you have a Sat wedding, we will do our best to keep you on a weekend but cannot guarantee that you will get another Sat date. We also do not guarantee that your event will be in any particular season. IE if you have a fall wedding your new date may not be in the fall. If you want to move your event due to a person attending that is affected by the pandemic that is not the bride or groom, Bellissima Ranch will consider the request but will require the same documentation and reserves the right to charge a change of date fee of up to 25% of a standard booking for the day or days assigned. As per our standard rescheduling policies we do not guarantee and rescheduling. It is at our sole discretion.

  • Cancelations must be in written format from either the bride or groom (renter 1 or renter 2). Cancelations are not accepted from outside wedding coordinators, parents, friends, etc.  In the event of a cancelation, money paid will not be refunded, this includes the security deposit. Upon signing the contract, the renters agree that they will pay for at least 50% of their event plus their security deposit. If an event is canceled and less than 50% of the sum total of the event invoices plus the security deposit have been paid the renter must pay the remaining balance within 7 days. If a cancelation is given by the renters with less than one month before an invoice is due beyond the 50%, the renters will be responsible for making that payment as well. If, at the point of cancelation, we are within 9 months of your event date, the full price of your event will be due including the bar minimum. Failure to pay will result in litigation.

  • Bellissima does not permit guests to sell their event spot. The event contract is valid only for the couple listed.

  • The type of event being held at Bellissima Ranch cannot be changed without the express written consent of Bellissima Ranch. IE, if a wedding is called off, you may not decide to use the venue for a party of another sort.

  • If items or services sold to a client outside of their package are canceled or removed. Bellissima Ranch charges a 20% cancelation fee for that service plus any cancelation fees charged by the vendor that sells that item or service. When booking vendors through us all of the policies of the vendors that we use will be in effect when it comes to cancelation, changes in services, or tangible items purchased.

  • In the event of a power outage, we will make every attempt to restore power, however as a power outage may be prolonged. We will not give refunds in the event of a temporary outage. If a prolonged outage is expected the renters may choose to rebook based on the rescheduling information above.

  • It is always best to book services as soon as possible as many vendors can book out. If you book vendors through us, keep in mind that after 30 days before an event, we cannot guarantee that we can make any changes to your event. Some things are easy to change, some things are not. We will do our very best to do any add-ons that we can but keep in mind that after these time periods, there is a very good chance that we will say no, we cannot do it.

  • If you do make a change after the 30-day marker, payments must be made via credit card and are due within 24 hours. So, anything bought will be subject to convenience fees.

  • Prices begin to increase with many of our services after the 30 days before an event marker. It is in your best interests to make changes with us before the 30-day marker.

  • At 10 days before your event, we have reached the cut off and absolutely no changes can be made after this point.

  • Bellissima Ranch reserves the right to cancel an event given just cause without the possibility of a refund. Some reasons for cancellation may include but are not limited to inability to make contact with the client, threat of harm to property or persons, dishonesty, falsification of documents or forgery, libel, slander, disparagement, or defamation of character towards any employees or the business itself. 

  • Bellissima Ranch may also seek financial compensation in the event that a client commits slander or liable against Bellissima Ranch, or any parties associated with Bellissima Ranch. This policy covers social media, verbal, Google, or any other platform. (The long and short of this policy is that if you break a policy don’t try to hurt us for your negligence. On this same note, if your friends and family start speaking about us in a negative light because of your negligence, you have violated this policy by speaking to them about us.)

12. Rehearsals  

  • All single day packages will be assigned a date and time for rehearsal. Bellissima Ranch reserves the right to change the date and time of your rehearsal at any time up to 30 days before your wedding.

  • All rehearsals are 1 hour. Renters must begin & end the rehearsal within the assigned hour– no exceptions. 

  • If participants arrive late, a full rehearsal may not be possible. Please inform participants of the importance of being on time.  

  • During rehearsal use of guest house, or any other part of the property, is prohibited unless you have purchased a package in which you have full access to the facility during the rehearsal.

  • You may not use rehearsal time to setup, bring in items, or anything else other than a wedding rehearsal. 

13. Security Deposit

  • There is a required security deposit, which must be paid in full on the day of your booking. 

  • The security deposit will be forfeited if any of the rules are broken. Some of the frequent rules broken include, but are not limited to, additional guests not reported, destruction of property, coming early/staying late, leaving the venue in a state other than how it was upon arrival, use of smoking or tobacco products in undesignated areas, bringing in outside alcohol, or an outside DJ etc. 

  • If no rules are broken, no damages occur and everything including minibar drinks are paid for, the security deposit will be refunded.

  • Deposits are refunded no later than the 15th day of the month following the event to the address on file. IE if you event was on September 5 your security deposit will arrive on or before October 15th, unless the 15th fall on a Sat, then it will be on the first weekday following the 15th. 

  • Any damages caused that are over amount of the security deposit are the responsibility of the renter to pay and may be charged to the credit card on file. Repair costs will be billed at a minimum of $150/hour plus parts markup. Any damage that results in the delay or inability to host another event will result in costs of the event or events being billed to the renter and renters or responsible party will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Any and all damage bills are due immediately, and may be billed without notification.

  • If the resulting damages or expense is over the amount paid on the security deposit, the credit card on file may be charged.

  • Giving out inaccurate, deceptive, or untruthful information either written or spoken, will result in the immediate loss of your security deposit. We strive to make our business better every day but spouting off information for issues that are beyond our control or making us look bad because you did not meet certain stipulations of your agreement will not be tolerated. This can include but is not limited to bad weather or a guest that behaved inappropriately, not meeting a bar minimum, not paying for drinks out of the minibar, bringing in outside alcohol, etc…

  • Deposit will be returned to the address that is listed on the renter’s contract. If a change in address occurs after the contract is written, it is the responsibility of the renter to set up a forwarding address with the post office and/or contact Bellissima Ranch to inform us of the address change. Only the renters listed on the contract may make changes to the address and they must be submitted in writing or sent to us through an email address listed on the contract.

  • Deposit checks are good for 3 months from the day they are written. If the renter does not deposit their check within 30 days of the day on the check the renter will forfeit their deposit.

  • If you do not receive your deposit check you must let us know within the 3 month of the date that we have agreed to have it back to you. IE if your wedding is on Sept 5th, your deposit should be to you no later than Oct 15th. If you do not let us know that you have not gotten it by Jan 15th. You will forfeit your deposit. 

  • If you have a change of address between booking and wedding day, you should let us know or file for change of address with the post office. Incorrect addresses in our system or addresses that have not been forwarded will obviously not get their check. If you do no get your check due to this reason, you will be charged a check cancelation fee before a new check can be sent. In the event that someone gets you check and cashes it and we cannot recover the funds, you will forfeit your deposit. 

  • Before we take your deposit, we will go through your contract with you. After that is done we will take you security deposit immediately. You will then have 24 hours to sign the contract. If you have chosen to book with us and paid your deposit and then choose not to sign your contract, your deposit will not be refunded. 

14. Videography

  • Videographers have access to the venue for the time frame stated in the event contract. The time frames are strictly followed.

  • Video cameras may not block access to any doors.                           

  • Any equipment must be removed by the end of the time block. Bellissima is not responsible for any equipment left behind.

15. Animals

•   Bellissima is a fully functional ranch and does allow animals to be brought on the premises. Bellissima has a stable available for use for animals such as horses and these animals may be used in the event. Bellissima is not responsible for injury or death to an animal or a person as a result of an animal being brought to Bellissima.

  • If animals are brought to Bellissima it is the responsibility of the owner to take care of them. Bellissima does not provide food of any type.

  • As Bellissima is a functional ranch you may see animals on the property that belong to the owners or neighbors. These animals may be dangerous. No one should approach, disturb, or attempt to touch these animals for any reasons. Bellissima is not responsible to injury or death caused by these animals. The renter will be responsible for any injury or death of the animal caused by either themselves or a guest due to contact of any sort, including but not limited to touching them, throwing rocks or other objects at them, feeding them, etc… Any violation of this policy will result in loss of deposit and cost of additional damages.

  • No animals, other than service animals, are allowed in the guest house. Animals brought in the guest house will incur a fine of $100.

16. Equipment

  • No guest should handle any equipment on the ranch including but on limited to, tractors, implements, saddles, etc…

  • No one is allowed in or around the garage area.

  • The reception hall has heat and air conditioning, if needed. The ceremony barn does not, but we do have misting fans and a swamp cooler for the hotter months. In the winter we typically close the doors in the ceremony barn and with a few bodies in there it will stay warm up pretty fast. Keep in mind the ceremony is usually less than 20 min. 

17. Surveillance

•      Guest are aware that surveillance cameras are in place around the facility for their safety.  These cameras are located throughout the venue, outside, as well as in and around the guest house. All of these cameras are highly visible and in plain site. As we do understand the need for privacy during preparation, there are no cameras in the restrooms or the individual bed rooms of the guest house. Please make sure that all guests are aware that any actions, nudity, or preparations taken outside of these areas may be caught on camera.

18. Live Streaming

  • Bellissima Ranch live streams every wedding performed in our indoor ceremony space free of charge. Outdoor weddings will not be eligible for live streaming.


  • If you would prefer that your wedding not be live streamed. You must let us know at least 30 days before the wedding.


  • A live stream link can be found on our website. Anyone that wants to watch the live stream will need to know the date and time of your wedding. Instruct your guests to go to our website and click the live stream link.


  • Live streams are done through our YouTube channel and will not be rewatchable unless purchased.


  • If your video is purchased you will get a digital copy of your wedding and the wedding will remain on our YouTube page indefinitely. You will also need to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch it. If your family of friends want to watch the wedding after purchase, they will need to subscribe to our channel as well.


  • Due to the nature of rural internet, and technology in general, there are several factors that can affect streaming ability. Bellissima Ranch cannot be held responsible if your wedding stream is not considered to be high quality or does not work at all. As this is a free service there will not be a refund if your stream did not go as planned.


  • This service is not a replacement for videography and we still highly recommend hiring a videographer if you want professional videography.


  • We will also attempt to make a backup copy and in the event of poor-quality streams we will post the backup copy if it is good quality. If you paid for your video and it is determined that it is not at least 85% watchable through either the live stream or back up copy, your money will be refunded and you will receive a copy of the best video we could make at no charge.


  • Inappropriate content at the wedding will not be eligible to remain on YouTube. Your money will not be refunded if your wedding cannot be shown on YouTube due to inappropriate content. Inappropriate content is judged at the sole discretion of Bellissima Ranch. Some examples of inappropriate content include but are not limited to, full or partial nudity, excessive vulgar language, use of illegal drugs, defamation of Bellissima Ranch or vendors, anything that may cause future clients to not want to book Bellissima Ranch.

19. Definitions

As part of your package you may have received some of the following services. Here are the definitions of those services so that you will know what you purchased.  


  • Liaison- Building operator, helps with venue. IE bar back, polices trash, runs projector, etc. (Does not help with wedding)

  • Sapphire Coordinator- Rehearsal & day of wedding coordination. Up to 4 scheduled calls to help in planning. (No access other than scheduled calls)

  • Diamond Coordinator- Rehearsal & day of wedding coordination. Monthly phone calls starting 12 months in advance, 2 private on-site planning sessions, access to coordinator through phone, text, or email any time you need them. (24-48 response time)

  • Basic Setup- Tables & chairs only. We will also do linens if purchased through us.

  • Full Setup- We setup all of the tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, decorations, & anything else you bring us in advance that goes indoors. If you bring us dresses, tuxedos, etc. They will all be where they need to be before you get to the facility. A table layout diagram (found on this website) must be provided at least 2 days before the event along with photos of anything that needs to be setup. This does not include assembly of your centerpieces or other décor. They should be pre-assembled before you drop them off and we will put them in their proper locations. This also does not include anything that must be setup the day of the event, such as  decorations that need to be placed shortly before the ceremony at the outdoor venue. 

  • Full Cleanup- You just need to get you trash to a trash can. We will handle the rest.

  • Drapes- Drape rental purchased through Bellissima will be white unless otherwise requested but other colors may be subject to additional fees. 

  • Rentals, Food, and Vendors- We do not sell the individual items in our option or inclusive packages. We are working as a booking service on your behalf. Applicable state and federal taxes are paid by the individual vendors selling the items.

20. Indemnity

  • All parties agree to indemnity, defend & hold harmless Bellissima, its trustees, officers, contractors, & employees from & against any & all claims, demands, suits, losses, damages, injuries & liabilities, including attorney’s fees, costs & expenses incurred in connection with or during the performance of this agreement. 

  • All parties will comply with all the laws of the United States; the State of Oklahoma; all local city ordinances, rules or requirements; & all the rules & regulations of the Bellissima & will not do or suffer to be done anything in violation thereof on said premises during the use period. 

  • Bellissima reserves the right through its administrators, security, and/or officers of the Police Department to eject any objectionable person or persons from the property. Upon the exercise of this authority, through the administrators or officers of the Police Department; users hereby waive any right & all claims for damages against Bellissima. 

  • Bellissima is not responsible for damage to, or theft of, any lost item left in the venue. Custodians inspect & clean

 the venue following each event. In the event items are left behind, call 918-361-1541 & leave a message with a description & contact information.  Items left behind more than 30 days will be donated.

  • All events in Bellissima take place at the discretion of the owners and they reserve the right to refuse to book the venue for events at any time.

  • By booking with Bellissima you are consenting to the use of your name and/or likeness to be used by Bellissima for advertising or otherwise.

  • By choosing to host your event at Bellissima, you have chosen a location with nearby residential. There may be activities occurring during the ceremony nearby. Renters and their guests should not interfere with these activities.   

  • All renters are responsible for any guests that may be at Bellissima during their rental period. All guests are held to the same standard as the renters. It is the responsibility of the renters to inform their guests of these policies. Violation of this agreement by any guests may result in the renter being charged for damages, fines, or any other financial or legal situation that may arise.

  • Bellissima does its very best to ensure that no one comes to your event that is not invited. A power locking gate is on the property and codes are given to the renter. These codes should be kept secret. That being said if a guest of the renter invites another person onto the property the renter is also responsible for the actions of that person.

  • This is a living document and these policies are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the renters to keep up with the most current rendition of this document which is found online on the Bellissima website.

General Event Information



  • Address for Invitations, Payments, or Correspondence:                                                                                                                                       


Mailing Address

Bellissima Ranch

PO Box 539

Owasso, OK 74055


Physical Address

Bellissima Ranch

4833 W 88th St N

Sperry, OK 74073


Phone, 918-361-1541



2. Officiant & Pre-marital Counseling

  • Bellissima may provide an officiant for an additional fee but only for Christian weddings.

  • Couples may provide their own officiant, which may be his/her preferred ordained minister, priest, rabbi or other legally registered officiant.  

  • Bellissima does not provide pre-marital counseling.


3. Wedding Coordinators and Outside Coordinators

  • We employ wedding coordinators and can provide one for an additional fee. If purchased they will be present for your rehearsal & ceremony. The duties of the wedding coordinator include: presence at the rehearsal & ceremony, ensuring access to venue & dressing areas, serving as a liaison between Bellissima & the guests by providing information, upholding the rules & regulations of the venue, & assisting with logistics of the service as appropriate & requested. 

  • The wedding coordinator does not plan or assist with tasks such as flowers, attire, deliveries, photography, and videography, set up, or tear down. Bellissima assumes no responsibility for gowns, tuxedos, flowers, or any items delivered to the venue. Wedding coordinator is not liable for damages to any items owed or rented by the renters.  

  • We love outside coordinators but we have seen many events that were poorly executed when clients use outside coordinators and often, times these so-called coordinators, tend to point the finger at us when they simply do not know how to coordinate a wedding properly. Also, in many cases we have seen that they do not communicate with us pre-wedding and do not know what was purchased in your package and will complain about the work, that they are now responsible for, to your wedding guests. If you choose to purchase an outside coordinator and your package came with a Bellissima Ranch Coordinator. Our coordinator will assist the person you hired but ultimately, we assume that you want your hired coordinator to run the event unless otherwise stated to us in writing. The client agrees that they will not hold Bellissima Ranch responsible if they feel they had a poorly executed event if they choose not to purchase a professional Bellissima Ranch Coordinator or if they hired an outside coordinator and they fail to execute the event to your expectation. Furthermore, if the client chose not to purchase a Coordinator the client agrees to inform their wedding party, family, and guests of the role in which the Liaison will play so that they will not expect additional services that were not purchased due to lack of information.


4. Handicap Access  

  • Handicap drop off zone and restrooms are available.


5. Bridal Portraits

  • Bridal portrait reservations are & permitted as possible. Please respect time frames by not showing up any earlier or staying later than your reserved time as we may have additional bookings.

  • Dates and times are subject to availability.

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