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Free Live Streaming For Your Wedding!

Why are we doing this? 

     You may have friends or family members that can't make it to your wedding because of a number of different reasons. Maybe they were quarantined, maybe they are in a nursing home, maybe they are deployed or live in another country, maybe they can't take the time off of work, or maybe they just can't afford the trip right now. Whatever the reason may be, we want them to be a part of your special day. So we are going to live stream your wedding to them for free. That's right free. We have invested thousands of dollars in the technology needed to make this happen and we didn't raise our prices a single penny. We also told all of our currently booked brides that they were going to get this service for free as well. We are committed to our brides and we want them to have the best day possible and we don't want anyone to miss it!

How does it work? 

     Simple, just hover over the Live Streaming button on top of our website and click on "Next Live Wedding". Tell everyone the day and time of your wedding (make sure they know we are in the central time zone). When they click on the button, on the day of your wedding, it will take them straight to the live stream. They may see a splash screen at first as we won't start the stream until shortly before the the ceremony begins. Weddings often get delayed so make sure to let your people know that they might just need to wait a little longer than they might expect but it will start when the wedding begins.


Win Free Stuff!

Make sure your guests and you go to our channel and hit the subscribe button. Anyone that watches the video also needs to like the video. At the end of each year we will have some awesome prizes for our wedding that gets the most likes and subscription. By awesome, we are talking at least $1000!

Anything else I should know?

     Currently streaming is limited to our indoor ceremony space but we hope to be able to do both indoor and outdoor weddings in the future. You can also watch past live weddings by clicking on "Past Weddings" button. While the live stream is free, we do charge a small one time fee to keep you stream on our YouTube channel after the wedding is over, but your wedding will be there for years to come and you can watch it when ever you want! PS, buying your live stream gives you a better chance at winning the prizes as more people can see you wedding and it will get more likes! 

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