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Can I have my event outdoors

Absolutely!!! Bellissima features indoor and outdoor ceremony areas with a separate reception area, along with a pond, and twenty acres of land. You can have your event anywhere on the property!!!

What is your maximum capacity

Outdoor capacity is limited to 300, indoor is 225 but we recommend you stay in the 150-180 range to be comfortable. You can open the big barn doors and expand for an indoor/outdoor experience if you want more space. Just an FYI the average wedding has about 120 guests. 

Do you provide tables and chairs

Yes we do!!! There is no additional cost for tables and chairs.

Do you provide event coordinators

Yes we do. Bellissima has several event coordinators to meet your needs and they are included in most of our packages. We have both Sapphire and Diamond level event coordinators. The level you choose will determine the amount of contact you have with your coordinator during the planning process. Sapphire Coordinators are a little more basic for those that just want a little bit of help and Diamond Coordinators are a lot more hands on to help our brides that really feel like they need a higher level of service. All event coordinators be with you for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. 

Do you provide event catering

We have several catering options available, but you are welcome to bring your own food or use outside catering if you prefer. If you do outside catering, make sure you ask if they will have a person to stay to manage the buffet and clean up and will they provide plates, flatware, cups, & drinks. Many companies will charge extra for this or offer a really low price and then you find out that you need things at the last min. The caterers we work with are full service and will take care of everything. 

Do you have bridal and groom's suites

Yes we do!!! Unlike our competitors, there is plenty of room for both the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen to get ready on site. We actually have the largest Bridal Suite and Groom's Suite in the area. We didn't want to cram all of you into a small room.

What is the decoration and candle policy

You may bring your own decoration and candles but they may not be nailed, screwed, or stuck to the walls and all candles must have protective bases. The chapel has divided slats on the walls you may hang items from hooks on those walls.

Do you provide alcohol

Bellissima is equipped with a full service bar. There are many options for you to choose from including both cash and open bar service. We provide bartending and insurance for the bar at no cost to you. 

Table and chair sizes   
60 Inch Round Tables, 20 Included
32 Inch Round Bistro Height Tables, 11 Included
32 Inch Round Cake/Sweetheart Tables (Standard Height), 2 Included
8 Foot Long Rectangle Tables, 6 Included
6 Foot Long Rectangle Table, 1 Included
4 Foot long Rectangle Table, 1 Included 
Beautiful White Single Rail Chairs, 300 Included
Do you provide all services personally or do you use outside vendors?
That depends on the service. We use several outside vendors and do several things inhouse as well. For example our bar and coordinators are all through us directly. Catering and other similar services are offered through our "book for you service". We use companies that we find to be professional and offer quality products. We can book these services for you so that you are guaranteed to get them at a good price and get a quality vendor. We can also help you with an easier payment plan and in many cases get you a discount on these services.  
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