Covid19 has plagued us all. Many people have questions about how it will affect their wedding. We hope the info below will help. 

Have you implemented new cleaning protocols? 

     No we have not. The reason why is we have always taken pride in our establishment and we kept it very clean before cleaning was cool. We were disinfecting all of our surfaces long before it was required. Not keeping your place clean is just gross. 

Do you require masks? 

     Again the answer is no. We feel that it is your decision and your right to determine the level of protection that you need to take for you and your family. You will not be ridiculed for your decision to wear or not wear a mask. We all have different situation, be it personal or family and we understand that. Our staff members are not required to wear masks but they will wear a mask if that makes you feel more comfortable. We are a service based business and if that is the service you require, we are happy to accommodate. This policy is in place regardless of vaccination status. 

Will you restrict the number of guests that we may have at our event?

     Once again the answer is no. Our answer is similar to the previous question. The level of protection that you feel is needed for you and your family is up to you. If you feel you need more social distancing, you as an individual, will decide to invite fewer guests. For those that are still comfortable in a large crowd, you are welcome to have a large event.